“In building a fine custom home, it’s not about whether you can totally avoid problems.  Things come up all the time, some more significant than others.  It’s how you find solutions and move forward again without holding up the job.”  Alex Abbasinia

“If you want your house built right, and want to know that your contractor is at your jobsite every day, working for you, then Alex is the builder for you.”    Local Architect

About Alex

Alex Abbasinia is a hands-on contractor, taking only one job at a time to ensure he delivers the very best home for his clients.  Alex is available 24/7 to answer questions, to listen and share ideas, and to ensure your project is running smoothly.

From framing to fine finish work, Alex learned his craft through direct experience working for over 20 years on dozens of Wood River homes.  His expertise includes a wide variety of architectural styles, from rustic log to modern stucco and brick, but his excellence truly shines in the finishing details.

Alex is not only the contractor, but he works side by side with his subcontractors.  Alex’ in-depth understanding of fine finishes, both interior and exterior, ensures every component is first rate.  A home built by Alex Abbasinia is known for its signature interior finish.  It is a beautiful work of art.


Alex Abbasinia
General Contractor
P.O. Box 6258
Ketchum, Idaho 83340
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P.O Box 6258, Ketchum, Idaho 83340      

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